Jossverse morality: updated? (musings on recent IDW comics)

This is a compilation from my posts on different forums (BuffyForums, SlayAlive, BuffyBoards, IDW Forums) - I wanted to collect my random thoughts in one post.

When BtVS season 8 ended, it seemed that surprises were over till the next season. Of course, IDW still publishes "Angel" comics, but we know their outcome, because the events of season 8 take place later. Anyway, latest events on IDW comics proved that there are surprises in store.
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I'm shocked. I'm proud. I'm embarrassed.

I won in "Best Author" category in Round 9 of rwsawards

Bloody Brilliant (Author)
Winner: moscow_watcher *writing her otp or trying her hand at another pairing all together, she's a brilliant author that will make you care about the characters/pairings she writes even if they don't happen to be your favorites.*

The embarrassing part? It happened a month ago, and I somehow missed it. I'm pathetic.

I want to thank wonderful, talented and generous maintainers of the community - darkgoddessgege and obsessionbased - as well as anonymous judges who selected me. It's a great honor and I feel flattered and have I already mentioned embarrassed?

Big congratulations to my fellow fans - angelus2hot, rebcake, brutti_ma_buoni , kudagirl, snogged, velvetwhip, duh_i_read, lilbreck, kitty_poker, spikesredqueen, snowpuppies, purplefeen, rahirah, kallie_kat.

And enormous thanks to the fandom. It's the most rewarding place online.

Five funniest Spuffy fics

Wedding From Hell - verse by shapinglight
PG-13 verging on R for a bit of suggestive naughtiness. Alternate season 4 in which Buffy and Spike got married. Shapinglight makes the most of the situation, marrying her own spin with overall Buffyverse absurdity -- with Angel as best man, Dru as maid of honor, and Buffy/Faith bodyswap at the most inappropriate moment. Outrageously funny.
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Angel. The Fall

The main complaints against Angel's arc I saw online boil down to two claims: a) Angel is out of character and b) to service Buffy's journey, Angel is destroyed.

Judging by Jeanty's Q&As, Angel's arc in season 8 is over. He won't be in #40. It's time to sum up his story. What the hell has happened to him?
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