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Elena [userpic]

Buffy #2

October 12th, 2011 (10:35 pm)

The demon demands Buffy to pay her student loan. Buffy gives the demon "every penny" she has, but it's not enough. (Turns out, Buffy gave back everything she's got during her bank robberiy when Riley negotiated the amnesty between slayers and Interpol.) Eventually demon leaves, lamenting poor job conditions. El Draco visits Buffy's apartment in her absence and finds out that she is the slayer. Detectives Dowling and Cheung come to conclusion that dead bodies could be vampires: these persons went missing many years ago, back to 1941. Buffy meets Severin; she doesn't know about his slaying activities yet. To protect him, she dusts a vampire and gets arrested on suspicion of killing all the mysteriously dead people. She escapes from police custody and becomes a fugitive. Xander and Dawn refuse to hide her. She complains to Spike about this strange new world. Then she goes slaying and gets saved by Severin: he "burns" the demon essence out of a vampire body leaving just a corpse. "You trying to put me out of job?" Buffy says. "'Cause I might be okay with that". To be continued.

According to Allie's Q&As for #40, Joss has abandoned his initial Season 9 plan around issue #28 or so. Pretty close to "Harmonic Divergence" in which the world found out about vampires. So far, it looks like the season will be about the consequences of vampires going public as much as about the the destruction of the Seed. Because it looks like Joss decided to up the ante and to turn the killing of a vampire into... well, a real killing. With a fresh corpse. Very interesting.

It's not clear so far if Severin has an inner, physiological ability to "burn" the demon out of a vampire's body or he uses some technology. If it's a technology, it becomes especially murky, because in that case everybody would be able to kill vampires and demons quite easily. Just imagine a situation in which everybody can (and have the right) to kill Lorne. But most likely it's Severin's innate ability. Still -- creepy and reminds of inquisition and burning witches on a stake.

Buffy's new moral quandary is really Joss-worthy. People live next to another species who look more or less like them; who apparently work for human employers; who appear on television; who can't get away from Earth even if they want to. Is it okay to kill them?

So far, it's unclear where the story will go; but it's a new, intriguing premise. For a long time, vampires and demons were metaphors of human fears and frustrations. It's hard to face our fears; should we destroy them or should we learn to live with them without letting them to destroy us?

Plot-wise, it's interesting that in this issue Severin has switched from killing girls to killing male vampires. A coincidence? Or he did it to make a good impression on Buffy? I don't trust the guy; so far he looks like an Angel-lite: a handsome impeccably dressed stranger.

Spuffy tidbits:
Buffy and Spike have two scenes together. One is a continuaton of the scene in a previous issue; it features Buffy, Willow, Spike and the demon who came about Buffy's student loan; it ends with a page from the preview -- "You used to be on my side". The other is below:


I like that the writers develop their relationship slowly. So far, I can see three scenarios:

1) Spike and Buffy's relationship stays purely platonic, he replaces Giles as her watcher. In that case, he stays on BtVS for the next season and beyond; maybe becomes a new Scoobie.

2) Joss replays Twangel scenario, the Spuffy way. Spike does something horrible and appaling, and Buffy "can't even look at him" anymore. So he either moves to A&F or to his own series, or disappears (highly unlikely, because he is popular)

3) Joss plans an epic and epically heartbreaking arc for them. Some impossible choice. Spike has to choose between Buffy and the world; Buffy has to choose between her baby and Spike. I don't know. Joss always finds the most painfyl choices. Something that changes their dynamics completely, but leaves a glimpse of hope that maybe, some day... etc.

I think I'll be okay with the first and the third option. I only hope that Joss won't choose the second scenario.


Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: October 13th, 2011 12:32 am (UTC)

I don't think the burning is technology, I'm pretty sure it's an ability.

Agree - it's more likely.

But to me it looks like one that has a purpose that is currently unseen, not simply "make man capable to kill vampires". To me there is too many "why"s and "what for"s. And the fact that Severin self proclaim's himself as a slayer feels like a mislead. He gets his power and immediately thinks himself a slayer and goes out and kills vampires without questioning it? Seems off.

So far, the guy is a typical Captain Hammer from "Dr. Horrible". :)


Joss doesn't like Captains Hammers :)

And the spuffy thing, I think because of the dynamic between Spike and Buffy scenario number 2 would be more like (to me) Buffy doing something that makes Spike not able to look at her. But I don't think that it will happen. I strongly believe it'll be probably something like number 3.

Buffy did a lot of bad things in season 8 - so, theoretically, season 9 will be (should be) about her rehabilitation. But - who knows? Maybe Joss thinks differently. :(

I don't think the gender of the dead bodies was significant now, just coincidence.

Maybe. stormwreath almost convinced me that "she's the third one this month" means "the third mystery", not "the third girl".

Posted by: tennyo_elf (tennyo_elf)
Posted at: October 13th, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)

Yeah, I think we'll be finding out more and more about Severin soon. And it may not all be good. We'll see. :)

Buffy did a lot of bad things in season 8 - so, theoretically, season 9 will be (should be) about her rehabilitation. But - who knows? Maybe Joss thinks differently. :(

I don't mean to sound so hard on Buffy. She did do a lot of bad things and maybe that's why I think she'll continue to do bad things. The TV Buffy and comic Buffy seem really different at times it's hard for me to forget which one I'm talking about. The fact that Buffy is loved is probably why she is going to be dragged through the mud again, but hopefully it'll lead somewhere positive. And I didn't mean she'll do something bad per say, but maybe do something that might be unforgivable/unforgettable to Spike.

There are so many possibilities right now and so much crazy that I'm getting a bit tired and frustrated. And I also know I have a lot of unpopular speculations running around in my head that even I don't like.

I read stormwreaths review and I agree about the gender thing, it sounds more like that than the other. But there definitely something more going on!

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: October 13th, 2011 12:52 am (UTC)

And I also know I have a lot of unpopular speculations running around in my head that even I don't like.

I think we all have. It's the nature of our ship. "I love you." - "No you don't".

I hope we'll always have fanfiction to make up for the canonical tortures :))


I go to bed - it's 5 a.m. in my time zone.

Posted by: Emmie (angearia)
Posted at: October 13th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)

I go to bed - it's 5 a.m. in my time zone.

This is what the comics do to us!

Posted by: tennyo_elf (tennyo_elf)
Posted at: October 20th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)

*hugs back*

I hope you slept well! I think we'll all have restless nights soon to come with what will be happening in season 9!

I'll be posting a major speculation up on my LJ soon, if you are bored and want a read something silly.

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