Elena (moscow_watcher) wrote,

Jane!E's birthday!

Reposting from angearia's LJ.

If there's one universal truth about the Buffyverse, if there's one rallying cry that unites us, it's our massive love for Jane Espenson. So fandom, it's time to come together and show the love! ♥


How? Easy. If you have a Twitter account, join all her fans in celebrating the amazing and spectacular existence of this woman. Jane loves Twitter and we love her, so here's how to get this party rollin':

Post tweets about Jane Espenson's superhuman qualities! (Think Chuck Norris. You know how we do what we do. Get it, get it.)
Remember to use the #JaneBDay hashtag.
Her name in the Tweet should appear as @JaneEspenson
Try to avoid starting with @JaneEspenson, or only she or her followers will see it.

Tweet the Jane love. Spread the word. Have a beautiful day.
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