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Spring 2011 fanfiction recommendations

Spuffy long stories, WIPs
In A Yellow Wood by rahirah
PG-13, AU, completed, about 20,000 words. This story takes place in the same universe as "Raising In the Sun," "Necessary Evils," and "A Parliament of Monsters." It takes place simultaneously with the story "The Lesser of Two Evils," and contains spoilers for the series to date. ...Buffy who happily lives with Spike and has just discovered that she is pregnant, is abducted by Warren Meers and teleported into a W&H holding dimension where they collect Slayers for a secret mission. She meets Vampire!Buffy and several human Buffies who reluctantly accept her in the team of good guys. But even if she escapes, can she be certain that her life's followed the right path after the revelations from the other Buffies?
Started in 2007, finished in 2011, Rahirah's story is a great fantasy-adventure story - as well as a multilayered exploration of the philosophy of the show, characters' choices, fandom's dissents and storytelling techniques. How many Buffies are out there over the interwebs? Here we deal with some of them. A Buffy who married Riley; a Buffy who loves Angel and hates Spike; a Buffy who is on the run together with Faith; canonical Buffy who led an army in comics. And - the protagonist, Rahirah's Buffy who loves unsouled Spike and feels she's an outcast among them. Uneasy choices, grand sacrifices and unexpected catches - "In a Yellow Wood" is an example of amazing characters married to brilliant storytelling.

A Parliament Of Monsters by rahirah
Chapter 11, Buffy/Spike + Ensemble, NC-17. A WIP, started very long ago, takes place in an alternate (post-The Gift) universe where Spike is unsouled but quasi-human.

Dust by knifeedgefic
WIP, 14 chapters, PG so far, NC-17 later. Alternate season 4. Buffy wakes in a Sunnydale that is utterly wrong... Everybody's asleep; the phones are dead; and there is no way out of the town. Buffy's only hope is a certain vampire who managed to stay awake and who was persistent enough to wake her up. Intriguing premise, genre storytelling par excellence, witty dialogues, funny insights into Buffy's mind and overall creepy atmosphere - all of this makes "Dust" one of the most exciting and gripping stories of the year.

Fire in the Soul by rebcake
PG-13, WIP, 2 chapters so far, post-series. A few years after Sunnydale’s spectacular demise, Buffy and her crew are getting on with their lives in San Francisco. One night she meets Drusilla during patrolling and is shocked to discover that she has a soul now and that Spike is doting on her. Meanwhile a new big bad emerges from the ocean, and it looks like Buffy will need all the help she could find... Deliciously plotty story combines the funny (Buffy's POV is priceless) with appropriately creepy villain.

My Immortal 2 by elisi
PG-13. WIP, 3 chapters so far. Crossover with "Torchwood". The Immortal, Buffy's mysterious lover in TGIQ, is Jack Harkness, famous alien hunter. In the new installment, the year is 2008. Buffy and shanshued Spike meet Jack and Ianto in Cardiff. Elisi continues to toy with different mythologies and different attitudes to life and morals. The result is fascinating.

Home Is Where They Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly
R, WIP, 10 chapters so far, post-Chosen, not comics-compliant. After relocating to London Buffy buys there a house that was once William Pratt's family's property. One day she discovers that there is a vampire in her shed. He saves Dawn and Buffy decides to help him. He is so badly burned that even his voice sounds like a rasp; he doesn't remember anything about himself; he only knows that something attracted him to that place... Author takes the characters through the usual hurt/comfort tropes, but she informs the scenes with delicious ambiguity. Fairy tale ambience combined with cunning use of clueless narrator type of narration makes the story fascinating!

Everytime You Say Good-bye by slaymesoftly
R. Completed, ~30,000 words. Post-season 8. The story takes from the outcome of season 8 and goes further as a new enemy threats to destroy Buffy and her friends. Ensemble, Spuffy-centric.

Making It Work by slaymesoftly
R. Completed, ~26,000 words. Alternate, more Spuffy-friendly season 4.

Ring of Fire by pfeifferpack
PG-13. 24,000 words. Completed. Late season 6. After the attempt to stop Buffy to give herself to the police Spike has disappeared. Buffy, feeling guilty, confessed to her friends about their relationship. A clever (if a bit controversial) rewrite of s6 mythology.

Show, Don't Tell by gryfndor_godess
~25,500 words. Post-NFA, early 2006. Alternate verse where everybody is alive and happy. Anya wants to know why she never sees Spike’s bite marks on Buffy’s neck. Buffy wants to know why Spike never asked her to do anything of the sort. Funny, sometimes angsty and always entertaining reinvention of a staple shipper trope - with sudden layers and nuances that made biting as complicated as everything in Jossverse is.

Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire by hello_spikey
PG-13. Completed, ~25,000 words, AU since "Entropy". After getting caught out with Anya, Spike makes a drastic ploy to heal Buffy's hurt: he proposes. Enjoyable yarn combines sweet and naughty in the best way possible.

Yours, William by Puddinhead
WIP, 13 chapters, PG so far, NC-17 eventually. Post-Chosen. The year is 2011 and Buffy still has dreams about Spike. Until Powers That Be grant her a chance to to give Spike what he deserves... and send her back in time to Victorian London, inserting her into William's life as one of his servants. The story is entertaining and Buffy's voice is spot-on ("It was a cosmic episode of “Punk’d.” Who died and made Ashton Kutcher one of the Powers That Be?").

The More Things Stay the Same by quinara
R, Completed, ~25,000 words. Alternate season 6. Buffy goes to Wesley instead of Tara to learn more about her coming back wrong. Witnessing Angel's problems helps Buffy to put her own problems in perspective.

Embers by coalitiongirl
PG-13, WIP, 10 chapters so far. Buffy is a waitress in a gay bar, and Spike is a dashing captain of a space ship... and it's not an alternate universe. It's a current canon, and the story develops the outcome of season 8. Somebody or something attacks and kills slayers - and nobody knows if it's a virus, a spell or a demon. Complex Spuffy dynamics and twisty narrative perfectly complement each other.

After the Deluge by gillo
R, WIP, 20 chapters so far. Post-TV series, not comics-compliant. As Spike struggles in LA against newly-risen The First Evil, Buffy find out about him being alive. Plotty ensemble piece. Spuffy-centric.

Could Be You by abelina
NC-17, WIP, 13 chapters so far. Post-FFL, season 5 rewritten the Spuffy way. Plotty, smutty and witty.

The Girl With Flaxen Hair by unbridled_b
PG-13, WIP, 11 chapters so far. It's alternate 1880; William Pratt, whose mother died recently, meets a strange girl, Buffy Summers. She rides to his estate by horse, spends evenongs with him and then she goes back... where? Intriguing plot, a wealth of period details as well as great character voices make the story a must.

Spuffy one-shots
Mixed Feelings by gryfndor_godess
PG-13. Alternate season 2, where Spike, not Angel, had got a soul and been sent to Sunnydale to help Buffy.
Fantastic idea of inversion and pitch-perfect Spike's voice. This story is a little gem.

Everything Would be What it Isn't by smells_corrupt
PG-13. AU earlier seasons. The Slayer before Buffy died while failing to prevent a hell-on-earth apocalypse. Buffy and a handful of white hats are hiding out in L.A. trying to beat back the demons and protect the dwindling humans. An attempt at gaining new ranks ends up with Spike and Drusilla on the doorstep.
Great imagination and spot-on character voices: clever plot inventively interweaves canon and fanon.

Something Lost by anviloverheaven
G. Post-The Gift, set in an AU where Spike was the one to be cursed with a soul.

How Do They Rise Up by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. Post-series. "Either you understood why Buffy still wore an ugly, cheap skull ring every day, or you learned not to ask."

Pawn Promotes by quinara
PG-13. AU post-season 5. It takes seven years before Dawn stops being a sacrifice. Gen, with Spuffy tidbits.

Prophecy Girl by anviloverheaven
PG, Post-series. Role-switching reunion story; clever combination of canon and elements of its revamping. Pitch-perfect character voices.

For A Certain Value of Real by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, post-series. Buffy cheated death the third time... did she? A reunion story with the most unusual twist ever.

Should Have Seen it Coming by smells_corrupt
PG-13, S6, during and right after OAFA. Buffy and Spike, playing their games...

Dance Floor Memories by tennyo_elf
PG, Season 7 of BtVS, a few nights before the final fight. Buffy wants to say a few goodbyes.

On All Suits by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. 4 Spike/Buffy drabbles.

Perfect Day by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-series. Takes place in the future where Spike and Buffy ultimately marry and have kids (Annie and Rorie). One day, they decide to have a picnic... Fluffy fun.

Laboring Under Different Assumptions by gryfndor_godess
G, post-series fluffy-verse. 3 drabbles, 300 words

Feast and Famine by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. Late season 6 drabble. Dark.

Queen of Hearts by shapinglight
PG-13, alternate season 4 from Wedding from Hellverse series in which Buffy and Spike actually married. Prompt: Jam Tarts. Delicious! :)

Winds Blowing Chill by erinya
R, post-series. Buffy is afraid to tell Spike that she wants something he can't provide. Illyria helps her realize that love--and family--is about more than just blood.

Do You Trust Me? by kudagirl
Nc-17, season 6 Spuffy drabble.

Walking at Midday by quinara
R, season 7. Spike finds a different way of dealing with the trigger. Expressive, emotional piece that deals with Buffy and Spike's tumultuous past.

Blame it on the Black Star by smells_corrupt
PG-13. Season 2-4. How might have important events gone differently in a universe where Buffy wasn't Sunnydale's go-to superhero? Snapshots of the Spuffy relationship in the alternate history created by Jonathan's spell. Incredibly clever extrapolation of a small Buffy/Spike scene in "Superstar".

Counting Crows by deird1
PG, several Spuffy moments during several seasons - and beyond.

Magnetism by diamondtook
PG, season 6. "They were like magnets. Sometimes magnets get near enough to each other and they stick together like glue."

that stream of consciousness you're drowning in is called denile by penny_lane_42
PG, post-season 8. Title says all.

None So Blind by annapurna_2
G, post-NFA, not comics-compliant. "I wondered how long it would take you to crawl out from under that rock.”. Spuffy reunion with a little twist.

My Mind Is Not Particularly Attached To This Heart Of Mine by ever_neutral /ohwaluvusbab
PG-13, season 6 AU of “Dead Things”. William the Bloody doesn’t brood, and he certainly doesn’t brood naked.

Drainage by thisficklemob
PG, early season 6. Author's summary: Buffy was fine. In the "I'm fine, Mulder" sense. A sweet, lovely moment to add to season 6 canon.

Reunion by coalitiongirl
G, post-series. Drabble.

Breathing at Your Side by quinara
PG-13, AtS season 5. Spike decides to call Buffy...

Domesticity by gabrielleabelle
PG-13, ~9300 words. Post-series. One day in the life of Buffy and Spike as they contend with flooded apartments, grocery shopping, nosy teenage Slayers and a stray cat. Adorably funny, with many sharp details and observations.

Dark Night of the Soul by tangwstyl
PG-13, post-Chosen. Buffy grieves... Tangwstyl finds just the right dose of pain and angst to make the reunion sweeter.

We’re Going to Win by gillo
NC-17. During "Chosen", the missing scene in the basement. Sweet and hot.

Personal Ad Love by maryperk73703
Alternate season 3. Buffy took out a personal ad in the newspaper to find her next boyfriend. Fluffy and light as a feather.

Challenging the Doors of Time by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, Chosen and after. Spike's death and rebirth.

Don’t Turn Your Back On Me by brutti_ma_buoni
NC-17. Alternate, much darker season 6.

Whirlygig by smells_corrupt
During Life Serial. Spike takes Buffy home from the bar and some snarking ensues. Comedic gem.

Silk Shackles by smells_corrupt
R. Season 6. "They spend the afternoon exploring the subtle differences between silk and shackles." Dark and exquisite.

Boots to the Fire (Escape) by rebcake
PG-13. Post-season 8. "It wasn’t until Buffy was living and slaying in San Francisco that her fascination with black motorcycle boots became an actual problem." Rebcake writes Buffy's flow of conscience with delicious snark.

Acceptance by pennydrdful
R, 10 years later. "When did the vampire, Spike, alter his appearance?" -- "When Buffy died." Heartbreaking.

Untitled by onlylyin
PG-13. WIP. Alternate season 4. Buffy's cousin, Celia, is the Slayer. On the eve of her Cruciamentum she called Buffy, desperate - and when Buffy redialed, she heard a mocking British voice... Intriguing premise and expert execution.

Shadowy Corners by onlylyin
G. Post-season 8. Spike visits Buffy in her coffee shop. Sweet, UST-filled piece.

Amor Fati by ruuger
PG-13. Post-series. Spike shanshued. The consequences were devastating. Dark, sad, with a brilliant twist.

Deep Sea Rescue by quinara
PR, post-series. Buffy saves Spike from kraken. Yes, kraken. A thoroughly Spuffy reunion - drama, adventure and fun.

Dinner and a Movie and Slayage by quinara
PG, post-series. Buffy and Spike's adventures in London. Fluff'n'fun.

Tourist Trap by quinara
PG-13, post-series. "After the spectacular failure of their reunion [...] Spike had really wanted to do something manly." Spuffy the dragon-tamer.

What semi-retired champions do on their nights off by bobthemole
PG. Post-season 8. Buffy and Spike watch Dancing with the Stars. Hijinks ensue. Funny, inspired piece with great dialogue.

Crossing by brutti_ma_buoni
R, alternate AtS season 5, in which Spike called Buffy soon after his return.

Magnitude by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-series. A reunion among the debris - messy and real and very Spuffy.

Grossy Inappropriate for a Church Wedding by anviloverheaven
PG. Post-AtS. Buffy is late for the wedding - but who is marrying? Fluffy fun.

Walk Through the Fire by garnigal
PG, season 6, set of drabbles, Buffy's POV. "She didn’t want to sing anymore." Dark and sad.

The DeSoto by dampersnspoons
NC-17. Middle of season 6. Come on, of course they did it in Spike's car, too. :) Hawt, naughty, with a little unexpected moment of grace.

Dance Me to the End of Love by oneperfectfit
PG-13, post-Chosen. Spuffy reunion, funny and poignant.

Draw Back the Curtain by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, Post-series. The First Slayer invades Spike's dreams and has a face-off with Buffy. Interesting rewrite of "Restless" mythology.

What Are Sisters For? by redeem147
PG. Post-season 8. Dawn decides to help Buffy to patch up her relationship with Spike. Dawn's POV. Wonderful story - sweet and funny. Hopefully, prophetic.

And Don't Let Go by snickfic
PG. Post-NFA. Post-apocalyptic mpreg babyfic. It sounds like a joke - but you turned it into a wonderful character study, bleak and uncompromising.

Heat by smells_corrupt
R. Season 6. "She never stayed. When he woke she was always gone. Back to the world of light where he could not follow."

Like Mother, Like Daughter by shapinglight
PG-13, alternate s4. "We got caught by the local rozzers having public sex on the bonnet of their patrol car. S'embarrassing. Even vampires get that." Comedic gem.

Incursion by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. Season 6. "So she trespasses into touch."

Twu Wuv by verity & angearia
R, Spike/Buffy. A collection of the worst fanfiction tropes, Spuffy and beyond. Utterly hilarious.

Aid and Comfort by readerjane
PG. Early season 7. Buffy, Spike, Quentin Travers.

Learning Curve by gryfndor_godess
PG-13, post-series, Buffy-Spike.

Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make by shapinglight
PG-13. Season 6, Buffy/Spike.

Under Torture by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. Post-series, Buffy/Spike. Fluff.

Stand and deliver what, exactly? by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. Post-series fluff. Spike fantasizes about Buffy the Highwaywoman.

"The sun sets, and she appears..." by misco
PG, season 6. Spike's POV.

By Any Other Name by angearia
G. Post-series. Buffy and Spike aren't your traditional couple. :)

Orpheus. Really by gillo
PG. Post-season 5. Buffy haunts Spike's dreams.

Other characters and ships:
The Out-of-Towner by rebcake
PG, Spike, Dracula. New-York, 1977.

Gonna Make You Bark by beer_good_foamy
PG-13. Cracktastic rewrite of AtS season 5.

Cross-Cultural Exchange by beer_good_foamy
G. Should it be crosses? :)

To the Point by kudagirl
G, post-BtVS. Angel, Spike, Buffy.

Aid by leni_ba
PG-13, alternate season 2. Buffy/Angelus.

Apron Strings by fenderlove
PG, Spike. Season 2... with a twist!

Crescent by a2zmom
PG, Oz drabble.

Heightened Awareness by a2zmom
PG, post-series Buffy/Angel fluff.

I'm not a sucker so I don't need a bodyguard by musesfool
PG, post-series, Cordelia (crossover with Batman).

Not Really Here by MoragMacPherson
PG, alternate season 2. Dawn and Drusilla's friendship.

Dead End Detour by hereticalvision
PG-13, post-season 5. Faith's in prison, Buffy's dead: the Watcher's Council has nothing to watch.

Waiting for My Real Life to Begin by liz_marcs
PG-13, post-series, completed, 12,000 words. Somewhere along the way Faith became a controlled, careful Faith. She’s just not sure that she’s really Faith any more.

Orpheus in the Underground by liz_marcs
PG-13, post-series. Xander and Faith sort out their relationship during an apocalypse in LA.

Go Back To Sleep by salvage_5x5
PG-13, Angel/Faith. Post-season 8. Sweet and sensual.

Journaling by salvage_5x5
PG-13, post-season 8. Faith keeps a diary in her second month of looking after Angel.

If I Can't See The Sun Maybe I Should Go by superkappa
PG-13, AtS season 5. Faith, Wesley.

Into the Woods PARODY by lusciousxander & lusciousspike
PG-13, Xander/everything that moves. Cracktastic attack at the fourth wall.

Ex Librum by deird1
PG, post-series. Andrew and Dawn visit a library...

Thy Domain, and Primal Strength by stormwreath
R, 22,000 words. The First Slayer, Buffy.

Insubstantial by readerjane
PG-13. AtS early season 5. Spike, Dawn. Dawn gets a call from Los-Angeles...

Oldies are goldies:
Her Saving Grace by authoressnebula
Alternate AtS season 5. Spike/Fred. Fred is attacked in an alley, killed, and turned...and awakens as a very confused vampire. Souled Spike helps her in her efforts to be good without a soul, and to adjust to what she's lost and what she's gained by being turned.

A New Bird by jnharrow
Completed, ~12,000 words. Alternate season 2. Branches off During "Lie to me": Spike takes Buffy captive as a bait for Angel and does a binding spell for her. But Spike's plans tend to go a bit awry...
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