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Elena [userpic]

A little fic :)

November 22nd, 2012 (07:27 pm)

So I wrote a little Spuffy story for the current round of Seasonal Spuffy. Looks like the new pieces of Buffyverse mythology finally became a fait accompli for me. :)

Genre: comedy
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Joss is the boss.
Timeline: Season 9.
Summary: We know that Buffy and her friends were brainwashed in season 5: monks changed their memories. Maybe it wasn't the first time?
A/N: Many thanks to Reddygirl, my wonderful beta who helped me with grammar and style. All mistakes are mine.

Poor Dru. She told him she couldn't see the slayer, the day they arrived to Sunnydale. Of course, she couldn't. Because everything about them was a fake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elena [userpic]

Angel&Faith #11 thinky thoughts

July 6th, 2012 (03:24 pm)

original idea for season 9, Twilight retcon, etcCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #8-9-10 thoughts

April 17th, 2012 (11:33 pm)

Spoilers for 8, 9 and (kind of) 10Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #7 - spoilery thoughts

March 15th, 2012 (02:50 pm)

In a nutshellCollapse )
Spoilery thoughtsCollapse )
Spuffy tidbitsCollapse )
Other tidbits:Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

Elections, Russian style.

March 4th, 2012 (11:47 pm)

Elena [userpic]

Fanfic recommendations, winter 2011-2012

March 1st, 2012 (08:09 pm)
Tags: ,

Nowadays, I read less fanfiction than usual. Russian politics is eating the most of my free time; I became addicted to political blogs and sites, and I spend there too much of my life.
Still, I read fanfiction a bit, and I collect links. Here's my rather short list for the winter 2011-2012. I'm sorry if I omitted somebody.
Rec me stories you enjoyed! I bet that after the elections Russia will descend into its usual political apathy and I'll have enough time to read about Buffy's adventures!

Spuffy long stories, WIPsCollapse )

Spuffy short storiesCollapse )
Other shipsCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #6 review

February 9th, 2012 (07:10 pm)

In a nutshell:
Very good issue. Really inspired art, especially in the last scene. All the emotional nuances are written on the characters' faces.
Great dialogue. "We don't all have spaceships!" - hysterical!
Interesting, controversial content. I don't want to assess the story before reading it whole - but, so far, it's fascinating.
the devil is in details (spoilers)Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

(no subject)

January 24th, 2012 (11:46 pm)

My main computer stopped working at the end of November. I switched to my netbook because right now I don't have money to buy a new computer. I can't Photoshop on netbook - it's not powerful enough. And, to make matters worse, all my fandom files stayed on the old computer. Thankfully, today a friend of mine promised to help. He copied my personal files on a pocket hard drive, so I can finally access them. Hopefully he'll be able to repair my poor old PC.
Anyway, I can post my fic recommendations for fall 2011. I'm sorry if I missed some good stories. Rec me the ones you liked!
Spuffy long stories, WIPsCollapse )
Spuffy shortsCollapse )
Bangel storiesCollapse )
Other characters and pairingsCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

BUFFY #5 - spoilery specs

January 12th, 2012 (04:31 pm)

"I imagine this issue of Buffy will leave fans talking, and some of it is gonna be unhappy..." (Scott Allie in the lettercol). Boy, was he right. "Some of it" was so unhappy that Whedonesque issued a new rule: people who don't like comics are not allowed to post in comics threads. "Post again and you're banned from this site forever. All this at the mods' discretion."

So, what made people so unhappy?Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #4

December 15th, 2011 (06:46 pm)

review, Spuffy notes, spoilery speculationsCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #3 - review and specs

November 10th, 2011 (01:29 pm)

heavy spoilers for #3Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #2

October 12th, 2011 (10:35 pm)

Recap:Collapse )
Thoughts:Collapse )
Spuffy tidbits:Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

New Community

October 2nd, 2011 (11:06 pm)

Hey, guys

Usually I posted previews and other comics-related stuff on newly_legion community. But recently the community rules have changed, and now all posts there have to pass moderation.
I don't know if it's the owner's decision or LJ's new rule - but, to avoid waiting for moderation, I created a new comm, buffycomics. So far, I posted preview for Buffy #2 there. More stuff coming soon.

The community is open to everybody and members can post there without moderation.
To see friend-locked posts, you must be a member of the community.

Elena [userpic]


September 21st, 2011 (12:17 pm)

Today is my communitySeasonal Spuffy day! My little contribution to Spuffyland is a fic "Leech".

Genre: comedy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss is the boss.
Timeline: Alternate season 6, the story takes place in Cordelia's Birthday-verse.
Summary: Success is the best revenge - isn't it? Anya gets a brilliant idea, Spike becomes a beauty expert, Buffy is livid with jealosy, Lydia Chalmers updates her thesis, Giles gets useful tips from Ethan Rayne, general Voll stirs up trouble, while Angel, Cordelia and Wesley investigate a couple of cases in Sunnydale.
Written for communitySeasonal Spuffy.
A/N: Many thanks to deird1, my wonderful beta who helped me with grammar, style and characters voices. All mistakes are mine. And many thanks to abelina, angearia, gillo, ladyofthelog, rebcake and snickfic for organizing this round and running seasonal_spuffy.

Come to think of it, this is so typically SpikeCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Buffy #1

September 16th, 2011 (05:14 pm)

Reviews: AintItCoolNews, Stormwreath, Geeks of Doom, CeciliaJ, Shelf Life, Eilowyn, Wenxina, Patrick Shand,TimeTravellingBunny: Buffy S9 #1 "Freefall" and Angel & Faith #1 "Live Through This", Whedonesque thread.
Summary:Collapse )
Thinky thoughts:Collapse )
Spike and Spuffy:Collapse )

Elena [userpic]

Summer 2011 fanfic recommendations

September 2nd, 2011 (04:27 pm)
Tags: ,

Long stories, WIPsCollapse )
Spuffy short storiesCollapse )
Other characters and couplesCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

"Angel and Faith" #1 recap, review and spoilery specs

September 1st, 2011 (09:14 pm)

LinksCollapse )
Short and quite selective recapCollapse )
Overall impressionsCollapse )
Spoilery thoughtsCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Jane!E's birthday!

July 14th, 2011 (08:26 pm)

Reposting from angearia's LJ.

If there's one universal truth about the Buffyverse, if there's one rallying cry that unites us, it's our massive love for Jane Espenson. So fandom, it's time to come together and show the love! ♥


How? Easy. If you have a Twitter account, join all her fans in celebrating the amazing and spectacular existence of this woman. Jane loves Twitter and we love her, so here's how to get this party rollin':

Post tweets about Jane Espenson's superhuman qualities! (Think Chuck Norris. You know how we do what we do. Get it, get it.)
Remember to use the #JaneBDay hashtag.
Her name in the Tweet should appear as @JaneEspenson
Try to avoid starting with @JaneEspenson, or only she or her followers will see it.

Tweet the Jane love. Spread the word. Have a beautiful day.

Elena [userpic]

Spring 2011 fanfiction recommendations

June 1st, 2011 (10:13 pm)

Spuffy long stories, WIPsCollapse )
Spuffy one-shotsCollapse )
other characters and shipsCollapse )
oldies are goldiesCollapse )

Elena [userpic]

Today is my Seasonal Spuffy day!

April 7th, 2011 (03:12 pm)

Today is my posting day at seasonal_spuffy. So far, my exercices in creative torture resulted in a fanart post and a fic:

In Their Shoes
Genre: comedy
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Joss is the boss.
Timeline: Season 6. "Once More With Feeling" has ended differently.
Summary: Role-playing games are more effective than a shrink's couch - at least, in Buffy and Spike's case.

"Whedon told the writers to write about the most humiliating thing they could remember, the most embarrassing moment, the worst thing they did to someone and put that in a script - then put fangs on it".
James Marsters
(found here)


In Their Shoes

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